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The world today is facing impermanent changes and crises. From global climate deterioration, natural and man-made disasters, to outbreaks of pandemics that threaten global social and economic stability.

However, this should not be the case.
Everyone deserves a better world!
What the world needs most today is love and hope!

Thus, in 2021, which is regarded as the most turbulent year, Instee Store was born with the mission of delivering hope to everyone through clothing. We strongly believe that even a simple greeting, a warm smile, or an inspirational word will bring hope to people as they can inspire and influence each other.

For this reason, we decided to work hard to do one thing well in the coming days, and that is to convey these hopeful, inspiring and positive messages through stylish, minimalist, exquisite but affordable T-shirts for the sake of making everyone stay inspired at all times. 

As we have such an important mission, we take our design seriously. The quality and design of each T-shirt are carefully crafted by us, and each one has a unique meaning and value. 

Compared with greater efforts to build peace, perhaps what we are doing now is just the tip of the iceberg, but at least these small efforts are the contribution that each of us can currently make to a sustainable world.

Now, we have taken the first step, how about you?

After all, we just want you to know that you can change the world! We just want to make the world a little bit different because of us!

Are you ready to build a better world together with us?


We named our clothing store INSTEE, which means Inspiration T-shirt.

In addition to this, INSTEE also means…

  • INS Tee - A Minimalist yet Fashionable cloth
  • INSTANT Tee - Your cloth of the Day
  • INSTAGRAMMABLE Tee - A cloth proud to show off
  • INSPIRATION Tee - A cloth to Stay Inspired


We reduce the visual clutter on clothes to lesser your stress, we only want you to focus on the most important people & matter.

We want you to think about one less thing in the morning and make as few decisions as possible about choosing which clothes to wear, so that you could have more time to plan you day and take action.

We hope you are proud of our designs, followed by spreading the love and delivering the hope, and finally sharing the happiness with everyone.

We just want you know that together we can change the world! Let's inspire everyone and make the world different for us.

We are wholeheartedly committed to fulfil our mission as well as working hard towards a better world, and strive to create value in a time of crisis.

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